A Cheap Non-Park Day in Celebration, FL

Have you ever considered spending a day of your Disney vacation NOT in the parks?  It can be a great way to save costs on your trip… if you do it right.  Otherwise you might spend more than you bargained for.   Here’s why you should plan a non-park day in Celebration, FL on your next trip to WDW!

Celebration, FL waterfront

Enjoy a stroll in Celebration, FL! Photo by Wayne Wood.

A non-park day on the cheap

Everything at WDW is so expensive – it’s all very worth it, but the prices really can be astronomical. By taking a day away from the parks you can save on tickets, food and drink costs, and more.  But, as we covered in our REAL Value series (click here to read it!), sometimes visiting Universal, Sea World, LegoLand, or even International Drive can cost you MORE than another day at Disney.

That’s why I LOVE Celebration, FL – a town originally developed by The Walt Disney Company, just a 10 minute drive from Walt Disney World!  It’s really a throwback to a time not so long ago when small towns ruled the day.  There’s no admission cost and there are numerous ways to relax that and stay under budget!

Celebration FL street

Visit Celebration, FL for a non-park day on the cheap! Photo by Wayne Wood.

Our Savings Tip of the Week

Spend a cheap non-park day in Celebration, FL!  This can be your arrival day, your departure day, or any day of your trip when you need a rest from the parks.  If you have a car, this will be very cost effective, but even taking an Uber from a WDW Resort hotel will be very affordable compared to another day of park tickets!

You can start your day with a walk around Lakeside Promenade and catch some amazing views. Then check out Market Street for window shopping or one of many festivals they have. Grab your picnic basket or pick up some lunch and head over to the Interactive Fountains where you can let your kids burn off some energy splashing around.

Next your family can check out the Bohemian Hotel Celebration. Take pictures of the kids sitting in the larger than life chair and have a little rest from walking around. You can’t miss the chance to grab an ice cream cone from Kilwins. There are many other inexpensive dining options in Celebration, that are sure to please your family.

Don’t be stuck sitting in a hotel room all day or paying for extra park tickets you can’t afford.  Celebration has lots to offer at any price point when you visit, even if you are looking for something extra special to do!  Our partners at Celebrate Food Tours have an amazing deal for you that includes a 3-hour walking tour and multi-course lunch all for one low price!


Visit Celebration, FL

By taking a day away from the parks to save money, you don’t need to worry about being bored.  If you check out Celebration, FL you will save by not buying admission tickets and having cheaper dining options available than you’ll find in the parks.

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