The CHEAPEST Dessert at Magic Kingdom

I have a huge sweet tooth! When I go to WDW I want to try every sweet treat, but that does not always work with my budget. Keep reading to find out about the cheapest sweet treats in Magic Kingdom.

cheapest dessert

Is The Grey Stuff on the list of the cheapest desserts at Magic Kingdom? Photo by Laurie Sapp.

Dessert at the Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is a great park for desserts. It’s full of magical, tasty, sweet treats. At Magic Kingdom, there are lots of places to eat and no shortage of desserts for after (or instead of!) your meal.

They have everything from a snack carts and pastry cases to Quick Service dining and all the way up to Buffet and Table Service dining. A few of the table service locations are buffets or “family style” service so dessert is included in your overall meal cost so they didn’t make it on to this list.

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Our Savings Tip of the Week

Go to these places for the cheapest desserts at Magic Kingdom! Snack at WDW can be expensive, really expensive. $10 for a bucket of popcorn?  No thanks! Keep reading to find out the cheapest place to get a sweet snack, Quick Service dessert, and Table Service dessert.

For the CHEAPEST dessert from a snack location – head to Main Street Bakery (AKA: Starbucks!) for a big cookie for only $2.99.  There are lots of flavors on offer each day but our fave is the sugar cookie (complete with seasonal sprinkles).  Bonus: this is totally big enough to share!  It’s available all day!

For the CHEAPEST dessert from a Quick Service location – go to Casey’s Corner for a brownie!  It’s only $3.39 and you can get during lunch and dinner service (so basically, 11am until park closing!)

For the CHEAPEST dessert from a Table Service location – and this one may surprise you! – make an Advanced Dining Reservation at Be Our Guest!  This location is only Table Service during dinner but it has really cheap desserts!  In fact, all desserts here are only $5!!!  You can pick from cream puffs, cupcakes, and eclairs… but when in the Beast’s Castle…. try The Grey Stuff!  (It’s delicious).

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Eat Sweets, Save Money

Some people say don’t spend money on something that will rot your teeth. I say, you are at WDW – eat what you like but stay on budget! By grabbing a CHEAP dessert item at these locations, you will really make your money stretch. Check back as we work our way through eating on a budget at WDW.


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