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Welcome to the CTSA LLC Affiliate Program page. Here’s the information you need to get started.

Our Affiliate Program offers you a chance to make commissions on products ranging from Walt Disney World calendars to a Discount Club.

Account Information

Account information such as link tracking stats, commissions generated, products sold, a link generator and more can be found on your account page in our tracking system.

Our Products

We have some pretty incredible products and we are developing more all the time.

It all started with WDW Magazine. That led to the WDW Wall Calendar followed by The Best of WDW – Volume 1. This year we launched WDW Discount Club.

WDW Magazine

WDW Magazine is the best online magazine focused on Walt Disney World. Our first issue was published in October 2013. Our incredible pictures makes it feel “almost like being there.”

With all the beautiful pictures we had, we need a way to feature them. That’s why we put together a fantastic Wall Calendar and a Coffee Table Book.

See more of WDW Magazine at the WDW Magazine home page

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The calendar and the book can be found at The Best of WDW Store

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WDW Discount Club

The WDW Discount Club is all about saving money on vacations to Orlando and Walt Disney World. We have all the current discounts in one place along with special discounts from our partners.

You can find out more about the WDW Discount Club at the WDW Discount Club home page.

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Ad Creatives

WDW Magazine

March 2016 Issue

February 2016 Issue

The Best of WDW – Volume 1

Walt Disney World Wall Calendar

WDW Discount Club Images

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