How to get FREE Disney Stuff!

What’s better than Disney stuff?  FREE Disney Stuff!  We all know that going to Walt Disney World costs a bundle, and it can be hard to find ways to cut costs.  Lucky for you, we’ve got a whole bunch of ways you can save big money on your next trip “home.”

Disney Parks DVD - FREE Disney Stuff

Unforeseen costs add up

It doesn’t matter how much you scrimp and save.  Even if you do all you can to plan and budget ahead, you could still be coming home with a big credit card bill that will haunt you for months.

It’s easy to spend more money than you budgeted at WDW.  Maybe you didn’t know about the water parks and once they see the brochures in the lobby, the kids are dying to go.  Or you forgot a swimsuit so you have to drop $50 on one in the giftshop you’ll never wear again.  And it’s certainly easy to underestimate how hungry your family will be with all the walking you’ll do and how tempting Disney snacks look – so maybe you need to find a way while on your trip to make those food dollars stretch further.

Packing List - FREE Disney Stuff

If it sounds overwhelming, it is – but it doesn’t have to be!  Our partners at Get Down to Disness have a whole bunch of FREE Disney Stuff that can help you out with these exact problems.

How to get FREE Disney Stuff

From a FREE planning DVD that you can watch with your family as you plan your trip together to a packing list so you don’t forget that swimsuit to a download on items to make sure you bring to the parks (this a a real money and time saver!!!) they’ve got you covered.

$10 Dining Challenge - FREE Disney Stuff

Oh, and that food budget spinning out of control?  They even have $10 dining challenges for each of the four parks – these great tools list all the things you can eat for under ten bucks that’ll fill your family up!

And the best part?  All of this FREE Disney Stuff won’t cost you a penny!

If you’re worried about spending too much money because of a planning misstep, a packing oversight, or underestimating how much spending money you need, get your FREE Disney Stuff from Get Down to Disness by clicking here!


Take control of your vacation spending

Don’t let your vacation be ruined by unexpected costs creeping up – use these tools to get ahead of the game have have your most magical vacation ever!

Tell us in the comments which of these tools has saved you the most!



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