The REAL Value of MNSSHP or MVMCP for a Day

What’s the best bang for you buck?  A full day at Magic Kingdom, MNSSHP or MVMCP?

Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (MVMCP) are great ways to see the magic of the holidays. However, the tickets to these events are not included in your regular theme park admission.

Therefore, a family looking to enjoy the parks on days that surround the party need to decide if it’s worth it to spend a day at the park and leave early, attend the evening party from 4 until midnight, or go on a different day even if it’s more crowded.

You can ONLY see the Boo to You parade at MNSSHP! Photo by Wayne Wood.

You can ONLY see the Boo to You parade at MNSSHP! Photo by Wayne Wood.

First, the tickets to the special event parties went up in price this year. Tickets range in price from $72 to $95 depending which dates you select. For the purpose of comparison, we are using an average date for MNSSHP (September 30th), which is $79 for adults and $74 for children. This brings the cost to $325.90 for a family of 4 to attend for 8 hours (entry at 4pm, party from 7pm-12am).

Compare this to a one-day trip to Walt Disney World for September 30th 2016 (because tickets are now tiered according to the day you plan to go). The cost is about $234 per couple or $455 for 2 adults and 2 children for one day. Since the park is only open from 9am until 7pm that day for those who don’t have a ticket for the party, the cost to attend the party is technically less than going to the park for one day for 10 hours.

There are many elements included in MNSSHP and MVMCP that you can’t get from a regular day in the parks.

Free candy is a great perk at MNSSHP! Photo by Wayne Wood.

Free candy is a great perk at MNSSHP! Photo by Wayne Wood.


  • Lower crowds. The parties only have a limited number of tickets for sale so you will be able to experience more per hour.
  • Lower cost. If you are looking at a one-day ticket, you can save approximately $125.
  • Special fireworks. Party nights have special edition fireworks (HalloWishes and Holiday Wishes) that are not available to guests who don’t go to the party. However if you go on a non-party night you will still get to see the traditional Wishes fireworks display.

Of course, if you have multi-day park tickets and the option of visiting the Magic Kingdom for a full day on a non-party night, you can save money and still have plenty of time to see and do everything you want. The biggest difference is missing out on the party perks.

You will save the most money and time by visiting MNSSHP or MVMCP if you were only planning on going to the Magic Kingdom for one day.

MVMCP is a great way to ring in the holidays! Photo by WDW Shutterbug.

MVMCP is a great way to ring in the holidays! Photo by WDW Shutterbug.

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(Prices contained in this article are current and subject to change at anytime. Use them as a guide only.)

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  1. Hi,
    We’re from the UK and have gone to the Chrimbo party for the last few years but this year have organised our holiday to fit both in.
    We went to the Halloween party on the 31st and it was good, especially the Hocus Pocus stage show….pleased saw early show as later one stopped 2mins in due to technical probs….and the lengths folk went into detail regarding fancy dress were fantastic, but have to say that once is enough for us but the Chrimbo one we’ll continue attending as atmosphere and parades so much better…in my opinion as know many love Halloween.
    It’s all about choice and ours is Christmas every time.

  2. Disney is lying through their teeth if they say the number of tickets for sale is limited. We were at the Not-so-scary-party on Thursday 10/20/16 and the park was mobbed. And they were trying to sell tickets right up to the last minute. There were HUGE lines at the candy spots until after the fireworks, and HUGE lines at most of the top-rated attractions. Like I’ve been saying the last few years, slowly chipping away at the magic…

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