Money Saving Packing List

You are going to WDW, WOOHOO!! It is really the best feeling ever. About a week before your trip you are really excited and thinking about what to pack. The list can go on and on but I want to bring you a list of often forgotten items to help you save big money on your trip with our Money Saving Packing List.

packing list

Don’t forget these items on your packing list! Photo by Brett Svenson.

Prices at WDW are HIGHER

Going to WDW is expensive but worth it. There are the cost of resort and tickets and transportation. You arrive at WDW and realize you have forgotten something and have to go buy it. Then you get the lobby and see that the price is double to triple what you would spend at home. Oh no!!

My husband (who has red hair and pale skin) and I had our honeymoon at WDW. He forgot his sunscreen, one of the most important things for him! I said oh, no big deal, we will just get some in the lobby. We were two youngish kids starting out our lives together and did not have much extra money. Imagine our surprise when the bottle which cost between $5 and $8 was priced at $15. But we went ahead and bought it so we could enjoy our vacation.

Planning your vacation and starting to pack can create so much buzz and excitement for your trip. Want to see what we mean? Visit our friends at The Best of WDW and save on a really cool planning calendar or The Best of WDW- Volume 1.

Packing List Must Haves

Packing for your trip can be overwhelming and things are often looked over or not even thought of. Here is a packing list of the 4 biggest money savers for your trip to WDW that you really don’t want to buy in the gift shop:

  • Sunscreen
  • Medicine
  • Band Aids
  • Snacks

By making sure to bring those, you will save big money. A family of 4 can spend $100 on snacks (but you don’t have to with our tips). You would hate to forget an important medicine at home and take time out of your day to call the doctor to get a new script, save yourself a headache and just put it on the list. Band Aids are a little thing that can make a big difference on your trip. Someone might get a blister on their foot and it could ruin the trip!


Don’t Waste Your Money

Forgetting to pack items can be stressful and costly.  By making a list of the most important things not to forget and using our Money Saving Packing List leading up to your vacation you will be able to make sure you pack everything you need and not waste your money.

Tell us your must-not-forget item in the comments! Check back next week as we talk about items you’ll save on by NOT packing.


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