How to Turn Gift Cards into a Disney Trip

Saving for a trip to Walt Disney World is hard, like really hard! Families save up for years to go on a dream vacation to the most magical place on earth. Some make a special savings account, others just tuck away some case in an envelope.  But did you know that you can turn gift cards into money for your trip? Keep reading to find out.

Planning Your Budget

When you are planning for your trip, you will need to make a budget. First thing you have to figure out is how much you will need to pay for your trip and how much spending money you will need. Then you can divide that number by the months you have left ’till your trip so you can plan on how much you need to save up each month until then.

If you’re not great at saving up for a vacation, don’t worry! Buying gift cards to help pay off your trip is an easy way to save a little at a time while removing temptation to spend that money elsewhere!

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Our Savings Tip of the Week

Buy Gift Cards to use on your trip!

Disney Gift Cards are available at lots of places, such as Target, WalMart, and the Disney Store. It is easy to buy these when doing your weekly grocery trip. Remember that budget you made and then we broke it down by months until your trip? Buy a gift card once a week or twice a month in order to reach that monthly total you need and you’ll be all saved up for your trip in no time!

You can then use these gift cards to pay for your Disney trip online, or take them to use on food and souvenirs while you’re in WDW (this only works if you buy the cards in the USA – sorry to our international friends!). I love the idea of getting gift cards for your kids and let them use them on spending money!

Find out How to Save for Your Trip!

Save with Gift Cards

If you have not started saving up for your trip to WDW, don’t worry! By using our tip to buy gift cards will help you start saving for your trip. Buying gift cards will remove the temptation to spend the money you are saving on pizza, or another splurge. Gift cards are so helpful for saving for your trip!


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