Cheap Disney Vacations

NEWS FLASH: Walt Disney World prices
are going up – AGAIN!

Did you hear that prices at Walt Disney World are going up? Again!

Yes, we know what your thinking. How on earth can we know that Walt Disney World prices are going up again? It’s pretty simple. They always do.

Over the last couple of years Disney has raised prices on everything from water to hotels. YES, even WATER! It’s really hard to believe.

The price of an average vacation is up over 10% in just one year. THAT’S INCREDIBLE!

Here at WDW Discount Club we are on a mission. That mission is to find you Cheap Disney Vacations.

Cheap Disney Vacations

You can hear us chanting in the office…

What do we want?
Cheap vacations!
When do we want them?

It goes on all day. It’s kind of annoying but that’s how we roll.

OK, the chanting thing might be a bit of an exaggeration, but we really do want to SAVE you money on your next trip!

Three ways to SAVE!

There are 3 ways we bring you CHEAP DISNEY VACATIONS.

It all starts with special savings from our great partners. We also pull together travel discounts from just about every possible travel service. Finally, we have hundreds of tips and tricks for saving money, maybe a whole lot of money on your vacation.

My guess right now you are thinking, “this sounds interesting, but how much does it cost?” Am I right?

That’s a good question, but a better one would be how much can you save? Let’s take a look and see.

WDW Discount Club Partners

WDW Discount Club has gathered some very special Partners to bring you exclusive savings. Here are just a few…

Savings from Partner Discounts

How much will you save using our exclusive Partner discounts? Good question. We just happen to have a little calculator to help you figure that out.

Discount Calculator

Click on the boxes below for the services/products you’d use to find the savings that WDW Discount Club members get!

PS. You will probably save a WHOLE LOT MORE!

Now wasn’t that pretty cool? Oh, we’re not done yet.

Travel Discounts

The second way we help you have CHEAP DISNEY VACATIONS is to save you money on travel items.

We have a bunch of Affiliate Friends that are always offering discounts on travel items. In fact one of our friends can save you hundreds on lodging at Walt Disney World.

Some of our Affiliate Friends

In addition to our Affiliate Friends, we have a cool little money saving tool that will save you money on flights, hotels, rental cars and lots more. Oh, but that’s for members only.

Cheap Disney Vacation Information

The third way we help you find CHEAP DISNEY VACATIONS is by giving you lots of information. We are always publishing tips, tricks, tools and articles about saving money on travel.

Take a look at some of the latest…

Some of these can save you BIG BUCKS!!


Time to start saving…