The 5 Best Ways to Cool Off at WDW Water Parks

Spring is officially here, which means lots of exciting things, Opening Day for the MLB, warmer temps and more sunshine! If you are planning to go to WDW this spring or summer you will definitely need to be prepared for very warm to even very hot temperatures. There are many places to cool off in the park or you can always go for a dip in your resorts pool. One of the best ways to take a long break is to head to one of the two WDW Waterparks. If you can take a day away from visiting the main parks at WDW, I highly suggest you do and check out the waterparks. It is a great way to relax and rest during your busy trip.

The surf pool at Typhoon Lagoon is a great spot to cool off. Photo by Laurie Sapp.

Typhoon Lagoon

The first waterpark at WDW is Typhoon Lagoon. It opened on June 1, 1989. Legend has it that a horrible typhoon struck a tropical paradise leaving everything a mess. You can find a large shrimp boat on top of the mountain names “Miss Tilly” and other fun items all over Typhoon Lagoon. Have you ever wanted to surf? Well you can while visiting WDW. The Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool is home to some gnarly 6 foot waves. It is also North America’s largest wave pool. This is def a cool spot to cool down.

Growing up my brother loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He would run all over the house saying Kowabunga dude. Another cool way to cool down at Typhoon Lagoon is to ride Humunga Kowabunga. You will go down 214 feet downhill while surrounded by complete darkness. This is basically a 5 story drop at a 60 degree angle and will leave you saying Kowabunga dude, let’s do it again!¬†There is a height restriction that riders must be 48 inches tall.

Blizzard Beach is the COOLEST water park! Photo by Laurie Sapp

Blizzard Beach

WDW’s other waterpark Blizzard Beach opening April 1, 1995. The story behind Blizzard Beach is that a freak snowstorm hit Florida and of course they had to build a ski resort. Well that snow started to melt and the ski resort turned into a water park. The theming at Blizzard Beach is frosty and fun. A ride that is fun for the whole family is the Toboggan Racers. Up to 8 people can line up at the starting line and race against each other. Your toboggan is actually a mat that you lay on with your stomach as you race head first down the 250 foot course.

This next attraction is for only the brave at heart. Summit Plummet is an almost vertical drop 12 stories straight down. Did I mention you will be in the dark? Because you will. Riders start at the top and lay back and plummet over 360 feet and reach speeds of almost 60 miles per hour. Before you know it you are hitting the pool of water at the end of the slide. Are you brave enough to ride?

For the ultimate cool off, take a winding ride on the lazy river! Photo by Laurie Sapp

The Best Ride Ever at the Water Parks

I know some of you will argue with my on this, but I believe the best ride at both parks is the lazy river. I can hear some of you saying, well that is boring, but just go with me for a minute. You have been walking around the parks for days on your feet. Your feet are tired, do you really want to go stand in line for another ride or would rather just hop on an innertube, soak up some rays and gently float your way around the park. Sounds pretty perfect to me. At Typhoon Lagoon you can float on Castaway Creek and over at Blizzard Beach make sure to stop at Cross Country Creek.

If you are planning a trip to WDW make sure to think about the option of taking a day away from the park and enjoying one of the waterparks. You could spend the day at Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon and enjoy the evening eating at your favorite resort or even Disney Springs. Then snuggle up for a Movie Under the Stars at your resort and get some rest for the next day at the parks. It sounds pretty magical to me!

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