Affiliate Program

Current Affiliates

Welcome to the Affiliate Program for CTSA LLC. At CTSA LLC, we develop high quality products for people going to Walt Disney World.

Our Affiliate Program offers you a chance to make commissions on products ranging from Walt Disney World calendars to a Discount Club.

  • Outstanding Products

    We’re probably a little biased, but we believe our products are the best on the market.

  • Incredible Commissions

    We pay 15% on physical products and 25% on digital products.

  • Recurring Income

    We have subscription based products that renew monthly and yearly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CTSA LLC Affiliate Program allows owners of websites to make money from advertising the products offered by CTSA LLC.

We provide creatives and links for you to use on your site when someone clicks the link and purchases one of our products from your link, you earn a commission.

Our system uses several methods to track visitors from your site. Yes, it does place a cookie, but if someone purchases, they are tagged in our system and subsequent purchases will be credited to your account.
All you need is a website, an email address.
Email marketing is the best way to get customers to purchase products. Our links will work with any email system.
We typically pay around the 15th of the month following when the commission is earned. (Minimum commission payouts are $25.)
Click on the big blue button below that says Join Now! and the sign up form will pop right up.