Choosing the Right Disney Resort Hotel For Your Family and Your Budget

There are several factors that go into choosing where you stay when you visit WDW. One of the first decisions to make is whether to stay on or off site. We are big fans of staying on-site at a Disney Resort Hotel. When you really break down the cost of traveling back and forth from an off-site hotel to the parks and paying for parking, it really adds up. It will not only cost you money, but it will also costs you precious time.

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Staying on-site at a Disney Resort Hotel means PERKS! Photo by Disney Photo Snapper.

If you stay on-site you will get some very exclusive perks. You will be able to make FP+ reservations 60 days before you arrive. Compare this to those who stay off-site and have to wait until 30 days before their trip. Staying on-site wins because the FP+ will not be picked over and you are very likely to get all the ones you want.

Another excellent perk of staying on site is being able to book ADRs for your entire trip 180 days before you arrive. Those who choose to stay off-site have to book 180 days before each day of the trip. So, look at it like this, you and your family are going to be at WDW for an entire week (Saturday to Saturday), if you are staying on-site you can book reservations for your entire trip 180 days before you arrive. So basically, you can book your entire trip on the first day reservations are available. If you and your family are going on the same trip but staying off-site, you will have to make the reservations one day at a time, which trust me is time-consuming and you might not get all the reservations you want.

Have I convinced you staying on-site is the best choice yet? If so, you will want to keep reading about how to figure out what resort and which room is best for your family. First things first, if you are traveling with kids, you will want to make sure the resort you pick, appeals to them. Most resorts at WDW will appeal to the kids but our favorites are Art of Animation and Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Art of Animation is where your favorite animated movies come to life! One of the great features of Art of Animation is they have family suite that can sleep up to 6. This is a great option for larger families. At Art of Animation, they have two different layouts to choose from, the Standard Room which sleeps up to 4 people and the Family Suites that can sleep up to 6 people. The Standard Rooms have a The Little Mermaid theme and if you choose to stay in one of the Family Suites, your room will have one of three themes: The Lion King, Cars or Finding Nemo. If you stay at Art of Animation make sure to check out the Big Blue Pool.

Animal Kingdom Lodge is our other favorite because who wouldn’t want a constant view of Animal Kingdom and the animal who live there. Oh, there are other reasons too but that is the biggest one. At Animal Kingdom Lodge, you have a few different room options. You can either stay in a Standard Room with one of 3 view options or stay in suites. The Standard Rooms sleep between 2-4 people. The views you can pick from are Standard View, Pool View or Savanna View. The Suites sleep between 4-8 people. If you decided to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge, you will want to make sure to schedule in time to explore around the resort. You never know what animals you will see and what fun is just around the corner.

So, when you are thinking about going to WDW, you have to remember to make a decision that is perfect for your family. You have to think about what would make everyone happy. Some big factors to think about are budget, age of people going, and what amenities are offered. If you want to book your trip or have questions about room, you contact our friends at Destinations to Travel for help.

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