Disney Springs Eats that are Easy on the Budget

Eating at WDW can be really expensive! But it also can be very affordable. Here at WDW Discount Club, we love to help you afford the trip of your dreams. When some people hear the words affordable eating, they think they are stuck to hamburgers and fries. This week we want to bring you a few fun eats that will not blow your budget and will make your stomach happy, happy, happy.

Disney Springs has lots of affordable eats! Photo by Judd Helms.

When my family and I go to WDW, we got to Disney Springs on our arrival day. We usually get there mid afternoon and check in to our resort and then head to Disney Springs. There are many reasons we do this, one being that we do not want to waste a day of tickets to the parks to only be there for a few hours. Another fun reason is that Disney Springs is so much fun and has such good food! One of the best parts of the food at Disney Springs is it is affordable and fun!

On our last family trip, we ate at the Earl of Sandwich for the first time and it was so good! You can get a hot or cold sandwich, soup, salad, wrap, or even an omelette. They are open for breakfast lunch and dinner! You can easily eat here for under $10 per member of your party. You will not be disappointed by the Earl of Sandwich!

Get a lot of bang for your buck at Chicken Guy! Photo by Brett Svenson.

The next great place to eat at Disney Springs is Chicken Guy!. If you are a fan of Guy Fieri, you will love to eat here. Each of these dishes bring the flare that only Guy can bring. You can chose from chicken tenders, skewers, sandwiches and salads along with great sides like fries with a signature seasoning, fried pickles, or mac’n’cheese. One of the things that makes Chicken Guy! truly unique is the sauces. When you place your order you will be able to pick your favorite sauce or ask a cast member for their suggestion.

My last suggestion for eating while staying on budget at Disney Springs is Pizza Pointe. If you love pizza, you must eat here! They serve pizza by the slice, so each member of your family can pick a different piece and you can try many different selections. They also have amazing sandwiches. One of the best part of Pizza Pointe is the desserts! There are so many options for desserts, cannoli, parfaits, cookies, tiramisu, and many more. You cannot go wrong eating at Pizza Pointe!

Our friends over at WDW Magazine have an article in the March issue titled, “Challenge Accepted: Disney Spring Food Crawl”. This article is full of some great information on how to enjoy food at Disney Springs while maximizing your budget.

Eating at Disney Springs is a big adventure with lots of different flavors and choices. I am sure all the members of your party will be excited to eat there and enjoy the fun atmosphere Disney Springs has to offer. When you are there make sure to stop by Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop for FREE sample!


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