Disneyland Giveaway – WIN A FREE TRIP!

Happy Monday, friends! We got some big news for you today…..you can win a FREE trip to Disneyland! Yes, you heard me right, FREE Disneyland! Two of our partners WDW Magazine and Destinations to Travel have teamed up to provide this amazing opportunity.

The winner of the contest will receive a three night stay at the luxurious Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel and tickets for a family of 4 for admission to one park for two days. To go along with the opening of Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, the winning family will also get an exclusive Star Wars tour bag, full of goodies!

This sounds like the perfect contest for anyone wanting to go to Disneyland, or for any Star Wars fan. Galaxy’s Edge is going to be a huge hit at both parks. You might want to check out WDW Magazine, they publish a monthly update about what is going on with Galaxy’s Edge.

If you want to enter the contest, just click this link: http://www.wdw-magazine.com/win-a-trip-to-disneyland/. Thank you to our partners at Destinations to Travel and WDW Magazine for letting us share this amazing opportunity!

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