Do THIS (not THAT) to SAVE on your #DisneyCruise

Hey friends! I just got back from the most amazing Disney Cruise. My family and I sailed out of Port Canaveral and spent 7 days on the Disney Fantasy. It was amazing! The weather was great, I even missed out on a huge snow storm back home. I was sitting on my deck soaking in the rays while my friends were shovelling through snow.

Save money on your Disney Cruise! Photo by Brett Svenson.

During our trip, I was of course thinking about how to save money and how I can pass along the savings to you. Today I am going to bring the top 5 money saving tips for your next WDW Cruise.

Top 5 Money Saving Tips for your DCL

  1. Bring cup from home – We found out once we were on the boat that the cups at the drink stations are only 8 oz. I keep getting thirsty, so I went and bought a $25 Disney Cruise Line cup. While this was a great souvenir, it came with a hefty price tag.
  2. Pre-order your bottled water – When you arrive on your cruise, you will have to wait for your room to be ready. During this time people either sit by the pool or in the dining area. If you are in the dining area several cast members will ask if you would like to purchase bottled water for your room. But if you are a smart saving shopper, you will do that before you get on the ship and just inform them of that. It will save you money!
  3. Less shore excursions – While we were on our trip, we did a few shore excursions. We saw other families try to pack in too many shore excursions and deal with tired little ones and a big bill. At each stop we did one shore excursion, it was the perfect balance of time off the ship and exploring somewhere we had never been before. It also allowed us to relax on the beach.
  4. Have a packing list and check it twice – Before I go on any trip, I make a list of things I need to bring. This might include medications, sunscreen, and other items. As I pack I check things off my list. While on our trip, we noticed that the price of things such as toothpaste were twice as much as what we purchased at the local drug store. Having all of these items will save you both time and money.
  5. Keep track of what you charge back to your room – You can either be shocked by the bill that comes to your room or you can be prepared for it. On the Disney Cruise Line app, you can keep track of what you have charged back to your room. For use it was perfect. I went down a few times during our trip and just paid what we owed. This saved so much time on the last day. I watched people wait in line for hours to pay off their bill. I was so glad I did it beforehand and cut off all spending after I made our last payment.

Our Disney Cruise was amazing and yours can be too! Just keep these helpful tips in mind and you will not overspend on your amazing vacation.

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  1. I’ve never been on a cruise………I thought when you booked and paid, your trip was paid for…….what would you have to charge to the room?……just extras like souvenirs? Don’t they supply water for you to drink?

  2. Post

    Hi Kimberly! You’re right – when you book and pay your trip is taken care of, if you only stick to the basics offered and don’t opt for any extras. Those “extras” like cappucinos, adult beverages, souvenirs, sundries, spa treatments, etc. are what you would charge to the room – there are a LOT of opportunities to buy more on cruises – for instance, some of the ice cream is included, but some specialty items you pay more for. As for water, you can certainly get water to drink at any restaurant, bar, or beverage station. But some people prefer bottled water which won’t be offered unless you pay, which is why many choose to bring their own).

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