Do you really need a stroller at WDW?

When you are packing for WDW you will encounter some items you use every day but might not need a WDW. One of these is a stroller. It is big and bulky and hard to carry around. Do we really think Little Timmy needs it, he is almost 5. Today we will look at this very issue and tell you what we think. We 100% think you need a stroller if any member of your traveling party is under the age of 6. There are many reasons for this but today we are going to focus in on 3. 

So. Much. Walking!

First things first, there is a ton of walking at WDW. The average park goer walks 8-10 miles a day depending on the park you are visiting. This much walking is hard on little legs. Having a stroller gives the option of walking but when they get tired they can just take a rest in the stroller. If you are attending a parade, your child can just climb in the stroller and take a rest while waiting for the parade to start.


Photo by Kimberly Masimore

Save “Arm Day” for the Gym

Another great reason to have a stroller at WDW is at the end of the day you are not carrying your small child back to the room. WDW Transportation allows for strollers to come on board their vehicles and this makes it easy for you to get back to your room without having to wake up your child as much. 12+ hours in the park will make everyone tired and by the time you leave the parks it is way past little ones bedtime. 

Carry Your Stuff

Third amazing reason to have a stroller at WDW is you will have storage room! Sure you can pack everything in backpack and carry that around the parks, but with a stroller you can distribute the weight and carry even more stuff. This is great for if you are buying souvenirs and do not want them shipped back to your room. Your back will be thankful for not having to carry everything. 

Little ones need a stroller at WDW – so what’s the best way to save? Photo by Disney Photo Snapper.

There are numerous other reasons to have a stroller at WDW but these are the biggest ones. If you have a child under the age of 6 you will definitely want a stroller. Even if your little one is out stretching their legs the older kids might want a break too. Strollers are great for storage and will make your entire trip happy! 

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