Dressing for WDW without breaking the bank

Fashion at WDW has evolved over the decades. When Disneyland first opened in July 1955, people dressed to the nines to visit. You would see people in dresses, suits, pants and tie, they dressed to impress on their trips. The next park to open was WDW in October 1971. The 70s were a time of bell bottoms and peasant blouses. Guests at WDW were no exception. Fast forward to today, where guest wear a wide array of fashions.

Dressing up at WDW doesn’t have to break the bank!¬† Disneybounding is one way to use what’s in your closet to pay tribute to characters. Photo by Brett Svenson.

When you enter the WDW parks today, you will see everything from athletic short to dresses. Disneybounding started a few years ago and has really taken off. Some of you may not be familiar with this new trend, I was not until recently. Disneybounding is a fashion forward way to create an outfit to pay honor to your love of WDW. This can be either picking your favorite ride, character and building your outfit around that idea.

You could break the bank and spend lots of money elements to create the perfect look. Or you could just look in your closet and figure out what to use and purchase just a few accessories. Mickey Ears are the perfect accessory for your Disneybounding outfit. Want to pay homage to Minnie Mouse? Just throw on a polka dotted shirt with black leggings and then complete the outfit with Minnie Mouse Ears.

You can use a theme and get the whole family involved. Repurposing kids Halloween costumes is a great way to do this. If you daughter was a princess for Halloween, she can be a princess at WDW or if your soon loves pirates let him wear his pirate costume while visiting Magic Kingdom. Not only will the kids love it, you will get some great pictures and make some fun memories.

I am going on a trip in November and needed to purchase some new clothing. Luckily for me, I was able to catch the end of summer sales at my local boutiques. We all know it will still be warm in Orlando in November, so I planning on wearing shorts with tank tops and a sweater. I went to my favorite store and was able to scoop up some great end of summer deals that are perfect for my trip.I picked items I know I would wear again and again. So my advice is to always check for deals and the clearance section when you are shopping for your trip.

Having the perfect outfit for you WDW does not have to break the bank. It can be as simple as looking in your closet and finding the perfect outfit and just purchasing a few accessories or recycling your Halloween costumes. Remember if you are buying new items, looking for sales and buying at the end of season will save you a ton. What is your must have outfit for WDW? Tell us in the comments.

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