Escape to Disney – Anytime!

We all know that a vacation to WDW is all about escaping reality. WDW is a place where you can be a child over and over again. We spent my 30th birthday at WDW and trust me, I did act just like a kid. I rode rides, I ate candy, and took pictures with princesses. We are in the process of planning our next trip in November and we keep talking about the escape.  Wouldn’t it be great to escape to Disney, anytime?

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Can you hear the Dapper Dans singing and smell the Main Street popcorn cart, just by looking at this picture? Photo by Brett Svenson.

There are several aspects to this magical escape. First, you will be able to immerse yourself in everything Disney. Everywhere you turn there is something Disney. When you stay at an onsite resort you will have access to many Disney channels with shows, cartoons, resort info, and even and ESPN.

Another aspect of your trip is escaping time. There have been several times that we are on vacation and we all ask what day is it and what time it is.  You lose track as you drift along happily in Fantasyland.  This is common when visiting WDW.

But what about when you cannot physically be there? WDW is expensive and we can’t be there all the time!  It’s often years between our trips.  So, how do you connect to those magic memories at home?

You can sit down at the end of the say and reminisce about your trip and tell stories. We still sit around and tell stories from our first trip in 1994. While doing this it is great to pull out the pictures you took on your trips and walk down memory lane.

After that you could light a candle from Maple and Whisky that brings back that smell, whether it is popcorn or cotton candy or any of the other smells they offer. Then grab you computer and YouTube your favorite ride with a Disney soundtrack playing in the background. Sounds like a pretty magical escape to me.

We know that in the real world we have to balance work, family, and juggle many things. But it is also important to give yourself that escape and dream about your next trip, every once in awhile. If you are wanting to book your next trip, we suggest contacting our friends at Destinations to Travel to help you escape your every day life.

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