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I am a huge advocate for planning out your trip to WDW. There are people out there who can got to WDW with no plan at all. I am just not sure how to do this or if these people get to experience all the magic. Sure they can walk through the parks and wait for hours in line and then wait again to eat. But for me it is just much easier to have a plan.

Get Down to Disness helps build you WDW plan

We love the Get Down to Disness agenda to help plan out our trips!

The first part of the plan is figuring out how many days you want to be at WDW. You might also plan to be off site for a day if you chose. Then next you might want to figure out what resort you want to stay out. By planning this detail out and booking early you will be able to save a ton of money!

Next you will want to figure out what days you want to be at what parks. Then after that you want to start thinking about what FastPass+ you will want to book and ADR’s you want. You might want to have several options and a flexible plan until you the FP+ and ADR’s book.

cheapest dessert

If you want to get The Grey Stuff, you’ll need an ADR! Photo by Laurie Sapp.

While thinking and planning these out you will want to do your research! We have found that research is really one of the biggest keys to having a successful WDW trip. You will want to research which rides have the longest wait time and plan to either do those at Rope Drop or use one of the FP+. You will also love looking at menus for restaurants and dreaming of all the fun food to eat.

There are so many tools out there on the internet and in print to help you plan out your WDW trip. In fact many of our partners are very helpful during the planning process. Destinations to Travel can help you book your vacation. The easy guide to WDW is a very valuable research book. Get Down To Disness has a great planner for every day of your trip. 

Remember that planning is very important and can be very very fun! My family loves to take our evening walks and talk about our trip and dream of all the things we can do. We talk about the food and our favorite rides and even take a stroll down memory lane about previous trips. Tell us a few of your planning tips in the comments section.

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