How Important is a Plan at WDW?

Do we need to plan? How much do we need to plan? These are very important questions!! In fact my friend who is planning her trip asked me these exact questions. She thought they could just show up at the parks without a plan and see everything they wanted to see. Her trip is in the middle of June when the crowds will be higher. 

Another Way to SAVE at WDW

I went over to her house and sat at her kitchen table and calmly explained the options. I told her they could show up without a plan and wait in line for hours and hours and only see 3 or 4 attractions a day. She was not very excited about that since this is might be the only time they visit for awhile. 

cheapest weeks to visit WDW

Light crowd day at Magic Kingdom Photo by Cliff Wang.

Next I told her, she could spend hours researching and coming up with a plan by herself. She thought that sounded like a lot of work. I told her it would be but I would help her along the way. We started to make a rough plan, the first thing we had to decide is which park they are going to on which days. 

Save TIME with TouringPlans

After about an hour of sitting at the table, she said there has got to be a better way to do this! She was starting to get overwhelmed, I could tell. So I finally told her about our friends over a Touring Plans. She took her phone out and looked them up and said this app is def worth the money! 

Touring Plans is a great tool for anyone going to WDW. The app has over 150 plans to make your trip to WDW magical! They also have up to the the minute wait times on the app. This is a great for when you are at WDW. You might see that the wait for Buzz Lightyear is only 10 minutes while the wait for Big Thunder Mountain is 2 hours. With the app, you can change and adapt your plan to the crowd. 

The Touring Plans app will save you so much time and stress. Right now the price of a 1 day ticket to WDW is $116. If you do not use the Touring Plans app, you are likely to only see 10 attractions a day, so you are paying almost $11.60 per attraction. That seem very steep to me. If you use the Touring Plan app, you can basically double the amount of attractions you will see. This means you will only be paying about $5 per attraction.

You will also do less standing in line and can have more fun and magic on your vacation. By being able to do more in less time you will also have more time to soak in the little things or extras that make WDW so magical. You can spend more time in your favorite gift shop or possibly ride your favorite ride a second time. 

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