How to Save on Flights

Airfare is expensive and can add a huge expense to your WDW vacation.  For some families, the flights can cost as much or more than tickets, accommodations, food and souvenirs combined!  Sure, you could opt to drive but for some, it’s not an option.

Wouldn't you love to arrive on the WestJet Magic Plane?  Image courtesy of WestJet.

Wouldn’t you love to arrive on the WestJet Magic Plane? Image courtesy of WestJet.

But there are a few ways that you CAN save on travelling to WDW.  Here are a few tips for how to save on flights to Walt Disney World.

Search for the Best Prices

There are a variety of flight searching services that will scan all the prices on the market for your trip, but we like Google Flights best.  Not only can you search for the best prices on your date by departure time, airline, and number of stops – but you can use their Calendar, Flexible Date, and Price Graph features to see how you could adjust your plans for big savings.

Sign Up for Alerts

Services like TripAdvisor will allow you to set up a flight alert – put in your departure point and destination and a price point – if a flight comes up that’s under the price you’ve set you’ll get an email alert!  This is great for folks who are too busy to be scanning the internet for the best flight deals every day.  Click here for the how to.

Book at the Right Time

If you can, watch the airfare prices and wait for a seat sale.  The Huffington Post recently published an article that suggests booking 112-21 days before departure, ideally at day 54.  If a great sale comes up outside of those dates, by all means – grab it!  But don’t make the mistake of booking too early or too late if you can avoid it!

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Use a Points Card

Using Air Miles or similar travel rewards cards is great, but many banks offer credit cards where you earn points for each dollar you spend – which can then be used towards your next flight!  Now, we’re not suggesting you get a whole bunch of credit cards you don’t need, but talk to your bank and see if switching to a travel rewards program is possible – it’s one of the best ways to save on flights!

Work with a Travel Agent

Sure you can do the legwork yourself and get a great deal, or you could work with a travel agent to save your time and money!  Destinations to Travel offers their services for FREE, and they’ll always find you the best price!

Saving on airfare might just mean that you’ll have a little extra money to splurge on other parts of your trip – or to put aside to save for your NEXT next trip!

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