How to Save on Tickets!

Tickets to WDW and other Orlando attractions are so expensive. Tickets for 1 day at WDW will cost you anywhere from $78 to $109 per adult (any guests in your party over 10), kids ages 3 to 9 will cost about about $10 less, and children under 3 are free. Tickets to Universal are close to the same price as your WDW tickets. Tickets to Seaworld are about $99 per day. All of this is to say, tickets are expensive.  You can spend hours of vacation planning researching the best places to get the best prices on tickets. Or you can trust us and use our favorite ticket resource The Official Ticket Center.

What Tickets Can You Get?

The Official Ticket Center has tickets for just about any adventure you want to go on. Of course they have awesome deals on tickets to WDW. But that is not all. They have great deals on tickets to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. If you are planning to visit either of those you might also check out tickets to see the Blue Man Group or visit CityWalk. Are you ready to get up close and personal with some aquatic life? Then check out the great deals the Official Ticket Center has on tickets to SeaWorld, Aquatica, and Busch Gardens. You can even add the all day dining option for a great price.

Other than just big theme parks, Orlando is home to many other fun attractions. The Official Ticket Center also provides great pricing for these attractions. You can hop on one of the Boggy Creek Airboat rides or see outer space at the Kennedy Space Center for a great price. They also provide tickets to Fun Spot America, Gatorland, and LegoLand Florida.

Why Use the Official Ticket Center?

I know you all are wondering, why is The Official Ticket Center, the go to place for tickets. First of all the are an Authorized Ticket Seller for Walt Disney Word. With 18 years of experience they have seen it all and helped thousands of customers. They have lots of deals on basically anything you want to see in Orlando, they are very trustworthy. They have a rating of 4.7 our 5 stars on Facebook and raving reviews. Other ticket site are pretty much hit or miss on if you are getting tickets or not.

The Official Ticket Center has been the most trustworthy source for tickets for several years. Their customer service is outstanding. If you ever have a problem with your tickets they will work quickly to resolve the problem and go the extra mile for you. Everyone should going to visit Orlando should use The Official Ticket Center, whether your group is large or small they will take care of it all.

Less Money, Less Stress?

By using our official WDW Discount Club ticket partner The Official Ticket Center, you will be able to save time and stress. Your tickets will arrive at your address with free shipping and taxes included in the price you are quoted. Then when you arrive at your destination just scan your tickets and start enjoying your day.

Make sure to check out The Official Ticket Center!


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