Kingdom Strollers

When you’re traveling with kids, strollers and cribs are a must – but it’s a huge headache to get them to Orlando!  Kingdom Strollers offers a solution fit for a king (or a Disney Princess!) with their affordable, no-hassle, stroller and crib rental service, complete with free delivery to your hotel!


Seriously, who wants to pack up all your stuff from home and load it onto an airplane – isn’t flying with little ones stressful enough?  And forget paying the daily rate to rent at a theme park – you might as well buy a new stroller!  Kingdom Strollers offers a wide variety of single and double stroller options, as well as an option for those with special mobility needs.  Plus, you can have them bring cribs, bed rails, or an inflatable toddler bed right to your hotel or rental in Orlando.  Whether you’re visiting for 1 day or 3 weeks – Kingdom Strollers will make you feel like royalty!

See how it all works in the video below!

Don’t let the hassle of traveling with strollers and cribs stress you out or prevent your family from having a magical time.  Let Kingdom Strollers take your worries away and let you get on to the fun of a perfect family vacation in Orlando!

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Get FREE Delivery to your Resort when you rent with Kingdom Strollers.

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