New Rules for Strollers at WDW

Last week, WDW announced some changes about rules in the parks. One rule they changed is the rule on smoking. Smoking used to be permitted in designated areas in the park. The new rule has a designated area outside the gate of the park for smoking. Another big change was the ice rule. Many families bring in snacks or drink is coolers and to keep those items cold they use loose ice. WDW has outlawed loose and dry ice and instead suggest you use reusable ice packs.

Stroller Guidelines

These are both big changes that affect your trip to WDW. The biggest change is the new stroller guidelines. Strollers are great for little kids and sometimes even big kids. They provide the kids a place for their feet to rest or a place to cool down on a hot day. Strollers are also a great way to carry all of your items in the park. Many websites have published their opinions about this change, so I decided to go directly to the WDW website and find out exactly what the new rules are:

  • Effective May 1, 2019, strollers that are greater than 31″ (79 cm) in width and 52″ (132 cm) in length will be prohibited. Stroller wagons will also be prohibited.
  • Wagons are prohibited at any Theme Park or Water Park. Wagons are prohibited at indoor venues at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

I do not know much about strollers so I got online and looked at Most of the strollers I found meet these guidelines. In fact most of them are smaller than what the guidelines are asking. If you are worried about your stroller at WDW, I suggest measuring the stroller and making sure it is within the guidelines set by WDW.

Another Option

If your stroller is to big or you are worried that it will not be allowed in the parks, then you can always rent a stroller. You have a few different options: you can rent a stroller in the parks or from a third party. The cost for renting a stroller at WDW is $15 a day for a single and $31 for a double stroller. You can rent stroller at all 4 parks and Disney Springs, but cannot rent them at your resort or the water parks. This can make it a hassle to get your child to and from the parks. Especially at the end of a long day when their little feet are tired and you end up having to carry them back to your resort.

This why we suggest you rent a stroller from a 3rd party like our friends at Kingdom Strollers. They will make sure your stroller is in your room when you arrive for your vacation and you can use it throughout the course of your vacation. All of the strollers will meet WDW guidelines and are perfect for your children.

Don’t let these rule changes ruin your vacation. Remember YOU ARE GOING TO WDW!! That is the most important aspect, it should be fun and memorable for the whole family. Your trip will be magical, just make sure you know the rules and can plan according.


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