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Are you planning a vacation to Walt Disney World or perhaps Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland, or even a Disney Cruise?  Maybe you’re evening thinking about going to Universal… if so, you will want to grab a subscription to TouringPlans. Recently, I have been helping a good friend plan her Orlando vacation. Her and her family are going to be visiting both Universal and WDW. They only have a few days at each park, and want to be able to maximize their time there. She asked me how to do that?

I told that she and I could sit down and do hours and hours of research and make the perfect plan or she could just visit TouringPlans and put in the rides and shows she must see at each and let it come up with a game plan for her. We decided to go with TouringPlans. She was surprised that it had plans for both WDW and Universal and took care of her entire trip for her. She said it was definitely worth the money.

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TouringPlans has some really cool features! Their website will help build your trip and also has up to date wait times if you want to detour from the plan a bit. They also have a crowd calendar to help you plan what parks on which day. One of the coolest features is that TouringPlans will help you make plans for vacations other the WDW. You can use them to help build your vacation to Disneyland, Tokyo Disney, Universal, and even Washington, D.C.

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Take my advice and visit the TouringPlans website. Take away the stress of planning your vacation by yourself and let their experts step in and help. You will not be disappointed in the money you spend on TouringPlans since you will save so much time in the park and we all know time is money especially when visiting WDW.

Check out their website here.

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