Stroller Spotter

Strollers are a fact of life for many famillies traveling to WDW – so many in fact, that it can be impossible to find your own stroller in a sea off them!  Enter, Stroller Spotter!

Stroller Spotter is an easy to use, illuminated antenna which you can affix to your stroller to more easily identify it in Disney’s stroller parking areas.  It comes in two styles and a range of colors.

The illumination feature is especially helpful at night when you’re looking for your stroller in the dark or want to prevent other guests from running into your stroller when the sun goes down!


It’s lightweight, easy to pack, and can fit any stroller type.  You can even dress up your Stroller Spotter with Disney antenna toppers or illuminated toppers!

The best part?  This must-have item comes with a big savings for WDW Discount Club members!

The Discount

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