The 5 BEST Ideas to Save on Your WDW Trip

There is nothing better than a trip to WDW—CORRECTION: There is nothing better than a trip to WDW that you save money on—now that’s really magical!

Here at the WDW Discount Club we are all about the savings! Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to spend an arm and a leg to create the WDW vacation of your dreams.

Here the 5 BEST ideas to save on your next WDW trip:


  1. Buy Multi-day Park Tickets During the Off-Season

I’ve never heard anyone say that they are ready to leave WDW on the last day of their trip, that they did absolutely everything they wanted—so why not add on an extra day or two, especially when it could save you money in the long run?

For example, an adult 2-day Magic Your Way base ticket costs $96/day, whereas a 5-day one only costs $63/day. So for only 2 days at the park (and you can only visit 1 park/day) you will be spending $204.48 total, but for 5 days (giving you time to visit all 4 parks, with an extra day to do whatever you want!) you will only be spending $335.48, saving you approximately $165.00 for 3 extra days and the leisure to fully experience everything the WDW Resort has to offer!  Save EVEN MORE when you purchase with The Official Ticket Center!

AND if you visit during the “off-season,” you will be saving even more money because Disney lowers its prices on hotels and packages during this time (AVOID peak season –  spring break, holidays, and the summer).  Now that’s 2 of our best ideas to save for the price of one! 😉

Crystal Palace breakfast - photo by Stephanie Shuster.

Crystal Palace breakfast – photo by Stephanie Shuster.

  1. Skip the Mickey Waffles

While the Disney Dining Plan CAN be a great way to save money (IF it’s right for your family, but that’s a post for another time), it is often confusing and doesn’t get totally utilized. A great (and much simpler) way to save money is by skipping the big Disney breakfast. This will save you around $15-30/day/person, which can make a big difference if you’re going for extended length of stay.

So pack some breakfast bars, make a coffee in your room (note: value resorts don’t offer in-room coffee makers, but you can get hot water from the food court and bring your own instant coffee or tea), and start every day of your WDW trip SAVING MONEY!

Unless you have a royal budget, you need to save up to make those priness dreams come true - photo by Laurie Sapp.

Unless you have a royal budget, you need to save up to make those priness dreams come true – photo by Laurie Sapp.

  1. Say No to Park Prices: Buy Before You Go

It’s hard to say “no” to those little faces anywhere but when the magic of Disney is in the air, saying “no” seems almost impossible. And when your little princess sees so many other little princesses walking around the parks in their dresses, you can bet that she’s going to want one too.

You want to make her Disney experience everything and more, but then you look at the price… But you don’t have to be the one to dash her dreams because you bought her favorite princess dress before you left!

The starting price for Disney princess dresses at the parks is around $45 and they go up much higher, but the starting price for the same dress at Walmart is $17.77, saving you nearly $30! So why not get it before you go and have it ready for your princess once she’s there? You can be a hero and a savvy spender!

This doesn’t just apply to princess dresses – character tee shirts, temporary tattoos, glow sticks, hats, hair accessories – pack ’em all up and save big bucks!  This is one of our best ideas to save that could net you the most savings, since there is no end of neat stuff to buy at WDW!

Value resorts are cheap and cheerful - photo by Judd Helms.

Value resorts are cheap and cheerful – photo by Judd Helms.

  1. Deluxe, Moderate or Value… Disney is Disney

Though the Deluxe Resorts at WDW are nothing less than spectacular, there is absolutely no reason to stay in one, especially if you are going with kids. In fact, your kids would probably prefer all of the fun offered at most of the Value Resorts! (The Grand Floridian Spa or the Art of Animation’s Big Blue Pool? I know what I’d prefer as a 10-year-old!).

Not only is the décor at the Value Resorts more geared for children, as are the amenities, food options, activities, and rooms! But even if you’re not going with children, spending the money on a hotel room that you will spend very little time in just doesn’t make sense!

Remember, this is WDW, not a cheap hotel chain—no matter where you stay, you are going to get the same level of cleanliness, customer service, and attention to detail across the board: and no one beats Disney there!  One night at a Deluxe resort could pay for several days or a week of your stay at a Value resort – savings of HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of dollars.

Say no to bottled beverages and save lots of cold hard cash! - photo by Laurie Sapp.

Say no to bottled beverages and save lots of cold hard cash! – photo by Laurie Sapp.

  1. Never Go Thirsty Without Ever Buying a Drink

Staying hydrated at WDW is essential, but there is no need to buy a new bottle of Dasani every time you’re feeling a bit parched. You can get a free cup of ice water at any of the Counter Service restaurants across the WDW Resort (and they don’t give you one of those sad little cups like most places, you can even ask for a large!).

Stay away from the “Combo Meals” that come with a soda and side, order ice waters for everyone and some fries for the table (honestly, no one ever finishes their own and all that grease is just going to slow you down!), and get a few extra waters to fill up your water bottles for later!

If you need a refill, just head to the nearest Counter Service restaurant and get more delicious cold water for free!  Every time you DON’T buy a bottle of water, you’ll save at least $2.75.  For a family of 4 drinking (conservatively) 3 bottles of water each per day, that’s a savings of $33/day!

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